Baptismal Gown Framing Project


Jan 2016

Recently a customer came into our store with a Baptismal Gown that has been her family for four or five generations.  We’ve custom framed or shadow boxed many Baptismal Gowns in the past and are very familiar with the conservation techniques required to preserve a priceless family heirloom.

This particular project was interesting because the customer wanted to remove the gown in the future for her great-grandchildren to come.  True conservation framing always requires us to use acid free materials and PH neutral cotton thread for mounting of fabric. These techniques will allow any fabric piece to be removed later, but you should take the item to a qualified framer for safe removal.  The customer really wanted something simpler so she could take the gown out in the future and put it back in place without needing to hire a framer.baptismal gown framing chicago

Our Master framer decided to mount the gown around a flat acid free foam core inner form.  Think of the inner form like a flat mannequin that allows the gown to be taken off as easily as a hanger in your closet.  We selected an elegant shadow box frame that allows the gown to have plenty of air space around it and between the glass.  We attached the foam form with two simple bindery bolts like a fine book so the customer can easily remove it from the acid free mat board backer.  The entire back board and gown are held in place by simple turn buttons like any photo frame.  This allows the customer to remove the gown in about five to ten minutes for future us and re-mounting after the great grandchildren put it to good use.

Our frame team truly enjoyed working on this project and the customer was overjoyed with the outcome and final product.

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