Why Framer’s Alley?

Our Selection & Process

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There are millions different framing choices and design options from moulding types of wood and metal, mat colors, glass types, mounting approaches, etc. At Framer’s Alley, we have a wide variety of frames and materials to fit any style and budget.

We understand that the framing process may seem overwhelming but our experts are here to help making this a fun and easy process ultimately providing the perfect frame for your home or business!

Design Consult


When you bring in a frame project to Framer’s Alley, you will work with one of our design consults who are trained and experienced in the art/framing world. They will gather all the pertinent information about your artwork like the history, value, where you might hang it and your personal style to incorporate. Our design approach provides the perfect frame choice for you out of the countless options available.


Frame Production & Completion

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After we’ve worked together to select the perfect materials, and you have placed your frame order, it’s in our hands. We take full responsibility for your artwork and treat it like our own storing all art pieces in a safe environment.

Our unique, seamless, frame production process ensures that you receive only the highest quality materials and techniques. We order all materials from our trusted vendors, hand make your frame, cut your mat and all final pieces are put together by our trained professionals who ensure each and every detail is flawless.


Quality Assurance & Project Inspection

The last thing we want is for you to pick up your order and not be satisfied with the end result. So, we are seriously committed to the final phase of our process. After project completion, your frame is reviewed by the team one last time to ensure all materials are up to par and meet our high quality standards.